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Mineral Additives for Concrete

Mineral Additives make mixtures more economical, reduce permeability, increase strength, and influence other concrete properties. Mineral Admixtures affect the nature of the hardened concrete through hydraulic or pozzolanic activity. Pozzolans are cementitious materials and include natural pozzolans (such as the volcanic ash used in Roman concrete), fly ash and silica fume. They can be used with Portland cement, or blended cement either individually or in combinations.


Silica Fume (Micro Silica)

Silica Fume (Micro Silica) is byproduct of producing silicon metal or ferrosilicon alloys


Grounded Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS)

Grounded Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS) is a byproduct from the blast-furnaces used to make iron.


Fly Ash

Fly Ash is a product of burning finely ground coal in a boiler to produce electricity



Cenospheres are hollow ceramic microspheres found in fly ash, a natural by-product of coal combustion during the generation of electric power


Mineral Admixture for Steam Curing Concrete PHC Pile

This product is a kind of spherical particles that contain almost no porous filling materials.

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