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Cenosphere are hollow ceramic microspheres found in fly ash, a natural by-product of coal combustion during the generation of electric power. Small and hollow, microspheres are used as fillers or functional extenders in the manufacture of plastics, paints, resins; Lightweight aggregates for cement, ceramics and other construction products. Because Cenosphere often replace mined materials, they can significantly lower production costs. Simultaneously, Cenosphere can benefit finished product properties by increasing durability and better sound proofing. Too, as material recycled from fly ash, Cenosphere are environmentally friendly and help to preserve natural virgin fillers.


  • Coatings industry - Fire resistant insulation material

  • Building material - Petroleum industry

  • Plastics industry - FRP products

  • Insulating materials - Aerospace and space development

  • Packaging materials - Powder metallurgy


And although they have been used in concrete for some time, their use is not widely known. Cenosphere have a couple of uses in concrete countertops, as:

  • a lightweight aggregate

  • a workability enhancer and extra-fine aggregate

  • a bulk filler and shrinkage reducer in cement grouts


Packing: 20KG, 25KG, 500KG, 600KG BAGS

Loading: by containers or break bulk vessel

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