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Concrete admixture

Concrete admixtures refer to the substances added to improve the performance of concrete in the process of mixing concrete. The amount of concrete admixture is generally no more than 5% of the cement quality, and can significantly improve the performance of concrete. Concrete admixtures are characterized by many varieties and small amount of admixtures, which have less investment, quick effect and remarkable technical and economic benefits.


According to the functions, admixtures are mainly divided into four categories:

1. Improving concrete mix and workability, including various water reducer, air entraining agents, pumping agents, etc;

2. Adjusting the setting time and hardening performance of concrete, including coagulant, early strength agent and accelerator, etc;

3. Improve the durability of concrete, including air entraining agent, waterproof agent and rust inhibitor, etc;

4. Improving other properties of concrete, including air entraining agent, expansion agent, antifreeze, colorant, waterproof agent, pumping agent, etc.


In the early age, admixtures were used only to save the amount of cement usage. With the development of construction technology, admixtures have become the main measure to improve the concrete performance.

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