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White High Strength High Bilite CSA Cement

These are white hydraulic binders (referred to as white super-high strength double-fast cement) with super-high strength, fast setting and rapid hardening properties, made from active (or inactive) mixed materials such as fast setting rapid hardening high belite sulpho aluminate cement clinker with low content of ferric oxide, moderate amount of gypsum (or industrial by-product gypsum), slag and other active (or inactive) hybrid materials with fine grinding.

Main Technical Index:

  • Blaine Fineness (m2/kg): ≧450

  • Setting time (min):

    • Initial setting time: ≧15

    • Final setting time: ≦45

(Remark: the setting time can be adjusted according to the customer's demand.)

  • 28d Free Expansion Rate / %

    • In water ≦0.20

    • In air ≧-

  • Whiteness value ≧75

Strength Data:

E_chat_White High Strength CSA.PNG


  • Fast setting, rapid hardening, high strength

  • Micro expansion, low dry shrinkage, the length change is very small. Dry shrinkage rate is just 1/10 of Portland cement.

  • Have very good anti-corrosion property in sulfate, chloride, magnesium salt and seawater. Corrosion resistance coefficient >1.

  • High impermeability, permeation height is 1/5 Portland cement.

  • High frozen resistance property, can get the strength of critical intensity of cold in 2h-3h.

  • Low hydration heat release

  • PH value is under 10.0 for Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC) products.

  • High whiteness value, the hunter whiteness is above 70.

  • Whiskering resistance performance is good

  • Can be mixed with Portland cement in a proper ratio, and greatly reduce the shrinkage of Portland cement, reduce the cracks.

Application Area:

  • Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC)

  • Decoration mortar

  • Interior and exterior wall putty

  • Indoor and outdoor floor

  • Cement-based self-leveling mortar

  • Artificial stone and floor

  • Thin layer of concrete repair and concrete leveling material

  • Anti-cracking rending mortar

  • Exterior insulation rendering mortar, bonding mortar and tile adhesive

  • Decorative concrete

  • Prefabricated concrete

  • Building reinforcement

  • High early strength non-shrinkage grouts

  • Waterproof and plugging materials

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