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CSA Binder

CSA Binder, also named Calcium Sulpho Aluminate Cement clinker with grade: 62.5, 72.5, 82.5, 92.5, is a hydraulic binder based on calcium sulpho aluminate, rather than calcium aluminates which are the basis of Calcium Aluminates Cement or Calcium Silicates which are the basis of Portland Cement. It can be used on its own (with a Lithium accelerator), or with an Anhydrite, Portland cement mix, Metakaolin or a combination of all.

CSA binder has the benefit of being readily adaptable to suit many different applications where both rapid set and / or high early strength gain are required. It yields controlled set, enhanced early strengths, shrinkage compensation or expansion and sulphate resistance. Uses included any cement-based products in need of these properties. CSA cement products exhibit a range of properties to suit a wide spectrum of cement-based applications, like fast setting cements, self-leveling or self-smoothing compounds, self-compacting concrete, rapid hardening mortars, tile adhesives, non-shrink grouts, water stopping mortars, repair mortars, high early strength concrete, Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC), etc.


Be it a mortar or a concrete, making a composite cement with exhibits rapid setting, high early strength development, with little or no loss of late strength, no risk of conversion or late formation of ettringite. Depending on the level of additional of calcium sulphate, either shrinkage compensation or positive expansion can also be controlled.

Potential advantages of the CSA binder are low CO2 emissions, improved sulphate resistance, low permeability, enhance durability and a good workability at low temperatures.

Main Constituents (%):

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