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Double Fast High Belite CSA Cement

These are hydraulic binders (referred to as high strength double-fast cement) with high strength, fast setting and rapid hardening properties, made from fast setting rapid hardening high belite sulpho aluminate cement clinker, moderate amount of gypsum (or industrial by-product gypsum), slag, prescribed mixing amount of fly ash and steel slag with fine grinding.

Note: the mixing amount of fly ash and steel slag shall not be less than 12% and more than 30% of cement mass. Among which, steel slag shall not be more than 9% of cement mass.

Main Technical Index:

  • Blaine Fineness (m2/kg): ≧450

  • Setting time (min):

    • Initial setting time: ≧15

    • Final setting time: ≦45

(Remark: the setting time can be adjusted according to the customer's demand.)

  • 28d Free Expansion Rate / %

    • In water ≦0.20

    • In air ≧-

Strength Data:

E_chat_Double Fast High Belite CSA Cemen


  • Fast setting, rapid hardening, high strength.

  • Micro expansion, low dry shrinkage, the length change is very small. Dry shrinkage rate is just 1/8 of Portland cement.

  • Have very good anti-corrosion property in sulfate, chloride, magnesium salt and seawater. Corrosion resistance coefficient >1.

  • High impermeability, permeation height is 1/5 Portland cement.

  • High frozen resistance property can get the strength of critical intensity of cold in 2h.

  • Low hydration heat release.

  • PH value is under 10.0 for Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC) products.

  • Can be mixed with Portland cement in a proper ratio to make a low shrinkage.

Application Area:

  • Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC)

  • Precast products

  • Building reinforcement

  • HPC and RPC

  • Rush projects and construction, projects in winter

  • Foam concrete

  • High early strength non-shrinkage grouts

  • Waterproof and leak stopping materials

  • Shot-concreting project

  • Conventional concrete

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