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Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate (SNF)

This product is a naphthalene series water reducer with chemical synthesis, conforms to national standards of GB8076-2008 concrete admixtures, it is with high performance as non-air entraining superplasticizer, and also has strong dispersion effect to cement particles and high water reducing rate, to save a large amount of cement, meanwhile improving the compressive strength significantly, has a obvious improvement on the concrete frost resistance, impermeability and other indicators.

Main performance:

  • Recommended dosage is 0.5-1.0%, water reducing rate is 12-25%

  • On the condition of constant water cement ratio, increase the concrete slump value more than 10cm

  • At the appropriate dosage, it can improve the concrete R3, R7, R28 strength 40-60%, 30-40%, and 20% respectively

  • Wide adaptability to cement, suitable for ordinary Portland cements, slag cement, etc.

  • Can be used in combination with other admixture, to produce various features concrete admixture

Efficient Superplasticizer.png


  • Appearance: Yellowish powder

  • PH: 7-9, sodium sulfate ≤ 18%

  • Solid content ≥91%

  • SNF-A Na2SO4 content (%)< 5, the chloride ion content ≤0.3%

  • SNF-B Na2SO4 content (%)< 10, the chloride ion content ≤0.4%

  • SNF-C Na2SO4 content (%)< 18, the chloride ion content ≤0.5%

Safety notice:

  • Non-toxic and harmless, inedible

  • Avoid contacting with skin, wash immediately with clear water when the product contacts with skin and eyes. If there is allergy and other adverse reactions, seek medical treatment.

  • Packing: 25KG Bag

  • Loading: by containers

  • Storage: the product should be set in airy and dry place, if caking and moisture absorption, it don’t affect the usage effect after melting.

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