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Grounded Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS) is a byproduct from the blast-furnaces used to make iron. The major use of GGBFS is in ready-mixed concrete. In the production of ready-mixed concrete, GGBFS replaces a substantial portion of the normal Portland cement content, generally about 50%, but sometimes up to 70% or more. The higher the proportion, the better is the durability. GGBFS is also used in other concrete production. Different mixing ratio of products can produce concrete with different characteristics.


Application of Concrete Engineering

As a new admixture of high performance concrete, GGFBS can replace the amount of cement used in various kinds of concrete and cement products equally.


Standard: EN15167-1-2006, BS6699, S95

Packing: 1.5KG big bag or loose bulk

Loading: by containers, break bulk or loose bulk vessel

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