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Mineral Admixture For Steam Curing Concrete PHC Pile

This product is a kind of spherical particles that contain almost no porous filling materials. The particle size is fine, which brings a good filling and "ball lubrication" effect to concrete, and the physical water reduction effect is significant.


Because this product has a continuous and uniform particle diameter, the particle diameter is generally between 3um and 20um, which makes the concrete gradation excellently optimized at the micro level. The corrosion resistance has also been greatly improved.


This product has the following significant features: 

  • Excellent rheology and workability; excellent thixotropy, which has the characteristics of reducing viscosity and shear capacity; excellent plasticity, greatly reducing the slump loss of commercial concrete due to long-distance transportation.

  • Higher activity coefficient, the activity coefficient of steaming 1 day is 105% -110%, and the increase of 5-10MPa is 3 days.

  • Physical index:

  • Shape: spherical

  • Fineness: average diameter is about 10um (specific surface area 450m2 / kg-550m2 / kg)

  • Sphere density: about 3.0g / m3

  • Water requirement ratio of rubber sand: about 90% (with high water reduction)

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  • Technical parameters and requirements:

  • The recommended blending amount is 20% -35%

  • Demolding strength: The carboxylic acid water reducing agent will be slightly higher than the naphthalene series of 3-5MPa. The strength of the outflow will increase by 5-10MPa in 3 days, and increase by 5MPa in 7 days

  • Due to certain differences in the floor materials of various manufacturers, corresponding adjustments can be made according to actual conditions

Packing: 1MT or 1.5MT big bag

Loading: by containers or break bulk

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