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Polypropylene Fiber

Polypropylene fiber is made by hot extrusion through polypropylene particles, it can be effective long time with especially static-free & UV resistant. Polypropylene fiber has different in content. There are much more content in red mill more powerful parts & freeze-thaw more powerful geographical. Polypropylene fiber is made of polypropylene particles by continuous hot extrusion processing. Due to destabilization and anti-ultraviolet treatment, it well proportioned disperse in mortar and could function for a long time. According to different construction part and different area, it mixed amount will be different, the mixed amount should be more when used in stronger impacting part and cold part.


E_chat_Polypropylene Fiber.PNG

Noted: The range of length is 3-50mm, and according to clients request

Packing: 0.6KG、0.9KG、1.2KG、1.5KG small bag, 8KG Box

Loading: by containers


  • Anti-crack function

  • Improve anti-infiltration performance

  • Improve anti-freezing and thawing

  • Improve toughness and anti-shock

  • Improve durability

  • Improve fire resistance


Put Polypropylene fiber into the concrete or mortar, could effectively prevent microcrack, which is caused by temperature change, plastic, and dry shrinkage. They are widely used in roads, bridges, underground waterproof projects and roofing, walls, pools, basements of the civil construction industrial.

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