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Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers (PCE)

This product is a high performance water reducer, using for multi-Carboxylic acid polyether concrete and mortar. On the base of the molecule design principal, this agent grafts various active groups in the proper position of the main chain, in order to form the macromolecule polymer. Thus it shows a superior spatial dispersion, high water reducing ratio and long time slump remaining ability.

Main performance:

  • Dosage: 0.8%-1.0%, water reducing volume ≥ 25%

  • The maximum water-reducing ratio is 40%; for this superior dispersing ability, this agent is especially suitable for high performance concrete and workability

  • Chlorine free, low alkali, non-corrosive for steel, and environmental friendly

  • Small loss of slump degree, good plasticity performance

  • Low slump loss, good protect plasticity. It is suitable for ready-mixed concrete and long distance transport


  • PG-203

PG-203 is a new type of polycarboxylate superplasticizer, which has good water-reducing ability, good slump retention and high compatibility with different type of cement. PG-203 exceeds conventional pce admixtures in delivering good workability and improved slump life for high grade concrete. It is suitable for concrete designed with low water-cement ratio.

  • PG-102

PG-102 is a general type of polycarboxylate superplasticizer with high water-reducing ability. PG-102 delivers good water reducing performance with most types of cements. It is suitable for concrete designed with mixture of different binders, e.g. fly ash and Ggbs.

  • PG-205

PG-205 is a new type of polycarboxylate superplasticizer with superior water reduction. It delivers excellent water-reducing ability and good slump retention with neutral set for concrete. PG-205 produces concrete with very low water-cement ratio while maintaining excellent workability over a longer period of time.

  • PE-103

PE-103 is a high early strength type of PCE superplasticizer, which owns superior water- reducing ability. It imparts good workability to the fresh concrete and helps concrete to achieve high early strength. It is suitable for wide range of precast concrete applications of with short de-moulding cycles.

  • PS-102

PS-102 is a high water reducing type of PCE superplasticizer with good balance in slump retention. It exceeds the conventional slump life requirement with more than 1 hour workability. PS-102 is designed to help concrete achieve good workabiltiy and longer slump life for different ranges of design mix. It is suitable for a wide range of quality concrete, from mid to high grade strength, even at a low water-cement ratio.

  • PR-609

PR-609 is a superior slow-release type of polycarboxylate superplasticizer. It is specially designed to provide excellent long slump retention with good workability. PR-609 can be combined with water reducing admixture to achieve higher plasticity for higher grade concrete with extended workability. It can be widely used as a slump retention agent combined with water-reducing type of PCE by formulations to increase the workability and slump retention ability. The dosage range is usually 10%-40% of the total effective solid content of the admixture depending on slump retention requirement.

Scope of application:

This product is suitable for ready mixed concrete and cast-in-place concrete in various civil buildings, water conservancy, ports, high-speed railways, expressways and other projects. It is especially suitable for precast concrete or high performance concrete.

Applicable method:

Add to the metered water for dilution or add to the mixer at the same time with water. In order to achieve good plasticizing effect, it is recommended to extend the mixing time by 30-60 seconds.


  • Please do not mix with naphthalene additives.

  • When mixed with other admixtures, please confirm their performance according to the test.

  • Tightly sealed, avoiding mixing with impurities.

Packing and Loading: Container - in Flexitank, IBC tank

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