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Rapid Set CSA Cement

The product obtained by grandly cement clinker obtained by roasting suitable raw material, consisting essentially of anhydrous calcium sulphoaluminate and discalcium silicate. Suitable gypsum and 0-10% limestone shall be blended with clinker during manufacture of rapid-hardening sulphoaluminate cement. The rapid-hardening cement product is hydraulicity binding material. It has high early strength with four grades.

Main Technical Index:

  • Specific surface area (m2/kg): ≥ 350

  • Setting time (min):

       Initial setting time: ≥25

       Final setting time: ≤ 180
       (Remark: the setting time can be adjusted according to the customer’s demand).

Strength Data:

E_chat_Rapid Set CSA Cement.PNG

Application Area:

  • Construction in water

  • Urgent repairs and rapid construction

  • Spraying anchor and supporting engineering

  • Water conservancy facilities and offshore projects

  • Bridge and road construction

  • Cement products and prefabricated components

  • Industrial and civil engineering

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